7/31/2015 ASA just bought a building in Fremont, CA. RackLive / ASA Computers will be moving to Fremont in Jan 2016.

6/1/2015 - ZDAG LLC just launched their newest venture. It is a parking sharing/exchange site called ParkingForMe.com  Now it is looking for people to use this site to put up their unused spaces to be rented out to people who are looking for a parking place.

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ASA Computers is an Industrial Rackmount Servers manufacturing company.

RackLive is a datacenter hardware supplier which specializes in fully integrated racks loaded with servers, switches, PDUs, and cables ready to power up in data centers worldwide.

Parking For Me is in business of finding unused spaces for drivers in dire need of parking space. Space requirement can be for events, short term or long term.

Right Margin is a collaborative writing platform which may help you with a unique workspace to become a successful writer.

Star Date Logs is an online journal that lets you share some of your journal entries with others including your pictures.

Moral of the story is a non video you tube kind of site which lets you publish your short or long stories. Happy writing.

Icare software is a number one day care software company. It helps you run your day care smoothly and with all rules and regulations covered.

ERPbooks is an online accounting company. It has CRM built in and is free to use.